What partnerships mean to NIRA

By admin | Oct 30, 2019

NIRA makes no compromises when it comes to customer satisfaction. Given that a significant portion of our customers are blue-collar workers with limited technological know-how, our support team has to often go out of their way to ensure that our services are accessible to everyone.

To promote our mission of financial inclusion, NIRA has formed partnerships with various companies like Big Basket, Quess, Asianet News, etc., through which we provide financial assistance to their employees. These partnerships are formed at no cost to employers. There are regular interactions with employees from our partners through events that we organize together.

These interactions have been crucial in gaining insights into the impact that our products and services have made in people’s lives. It was at one of our events at a BigBasket warehouse that we met Raghu. By the time we were done explaining our product, he had already downloaded the app and he approached us with the app already opened and some basic details filled.  He couldn’t answer a question regarding the CIBILscore; he didn’t know what a CIBIL score was. This was followed by a series of questions relating to the bank statement, interest rates, etc. By the time our support team was done guiding him in signing the loan agreement, we had helped Raghu pay for his son’s school fees. This is just one of the many instances where a person in need could benefit from more personalized interaction that these events enable. This wouldn't have been possible without the partnership formed with BigBasket that led to the existence of such a platform. 

 The experiences obtained from our partnerships have become a big factor in our decisions towards the growth of the company and the values we wish to identify with as a brand. Not only do we gain valuable insights about how our product is performing but we get to connect with our customers and gain perspective on how to better serve their needs. It also improves our relationship with the respective companies. Building a good rapport with the employees helps us understand the values of their respective employers and this, in turn, helps us in designing products that better reflect those values as well as the visions of our partner companies. Every partnership has been a tremendous learning experience and we look forward to more events which give us opportunities to learn about our customers, and thus to improve our service.



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