Tips to keep employees motivated when working from home

By admin | Jul 30, 2020

For many of us, this pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives. It has changed the way we work, the way we socialise, and the way we perceive the future. Our homes have transformed into our workplaces, where we juggle household chores with work video calls. 


Zoom calling our friends and doing virtual celebrations has become the new normal. This is the life we’re living day-to-day, standing 6-feet apart in a grocery store and securely wearing our masks for protection from the dreaded virus. 


With the lines between home and work getting blurred, many people are feeling distressed not knowing where one starts and the other ends. What was once seen as a perk is now appearing to be a double-edged sword. With no commuting and getting to spend more time with family, working from home does have its benefits, however, an abrupt shift in work-life balance can really leave one feeling restless not knowing when to turn off. For many, the stress of work, coupled with household responsibilities and general uncertainty of the future, has created high levels of stress and anxiety. 


COVID-19 has left employees all around the world struggling to adapt to a new way of life. Social distancing and remote work can be stressful for some and navigating these changes have left the employees with a feeling of disbelief. Keeping this in mind, there are some ways HR professionals of working organizations can help their workforce cope with this pandemic. 


Encourage your employees to stay active safely


While fitness centres are slowly opening in India, it is still advisable to avoid going to gyms in order to reduce contamination. Instead, exercising or spending time outside, as long as you follow proper social distancing guidelines, is beneficial during times of anxiety and stress. Spending time outside improves the mood and the fresh air is shown to boost endorphins. You can also check out fitness videos online to start working out at home. 


Create an intranet page so employees can connect


A common platform accessible to all employees in the organization is a good way to keep the morale boosted. Employees can connect with HR managers and share advice and tips such as healthy recipes, managing work-life balance while working remotely, etc. to help manage stress. HR can also encourage employees to share ways in which they are successfully adapting to working remotely. Your corporate communications or marketing teams can help you create a common channel or platform and build it into a welcoming and useful online community for the employees in your organization. 


Pay special attention to employee mental health


Mental health is a touchy topic and not everyone opens up about it very easily. Encourage them to connect on video calls so they feel included and connected with their co-workers. Start the workweek by sending something special and proactive such as self-care ideas that can help your employees stay productive, engaged, and grounded. 


Minimise burnout by creating remote working guidelines


To help your employees stay on the right track it is important to set some rules. Have designated working hours, ensure employees have scheduled breaks, and encourage managers to utilise the free time to help their team ease into the routine for working from home. Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean working round the clock if you follow the routine set by the company. Communicate these guidelines with your employees so that they feel more secure about their new situation and stay aligned with the company culture despite being miles apart. 


Ensure you provide your employees with mental health resources


It is important that you, as an HR personnel, realize that this is a challenging time for employees and managers alike. That’s why it is important that you provide your community with the necessary means to tackle any stress or anxiety. Set up a mentor- employee system, provide resource booklets with information on hotlines and online websites that provide mental health assistance. 

These are some ways you can boost your employees’ morale. It is important to acknowledge that remote working can be challenging for many, especially if they are accustomed to an office environment. Working from home may have its perks but it also comes with its disadvantages. Always make sure that your employees are connected, despite the role they’re allotted. As HR personnel, you have the power to keep your community healthy- mentally and physically.




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