Prepare for 2020 with NIRA

By admin | Dec 17, 2019

2019 is coming to an end and we all have an issue or two that we want to be resolved before the new year. Whether it’s financial matters or an activity that you’ve always wanted to try, why wait till New Years? It’s better to make resolutions now so that by the time New Year's Eve comes around, you can end the year knowing you have your affairs in order and enjoy the festivities stress-free.


Here’s how NIRA can help you start the New Year in the best way possible: 


Consolidate Your Debts 

If you have accumulated multiple debts, it would be a wise decision to clear it all before moving forward to the New Year. To consolidate your debt means to combine multiple debts into one, preferably at a lower interest rate. NIRA provides instant personal loans up to 1 Lakh at low-interest rates that are perfect for a new financial journey.



Renovate Your House

While we’re busy with the hustle of everyday life, we often fail to notice that our humble abodes are in need of serious attention. You don’t need discolored walls or leaky ceilings to follow you next year. A personal loan from NIRA can give you the freedom needed to give your home the makeover it deserves.



Get a Full Body Health Checkup

We as Indians, and Indian men, in particular, don’t like going to the doctor. We’d rather buy a pill from the local pharmacy and sleep it off. So there could be various underlying conditions that haven’t been treated properly for years. A thorough check-up is a must before you commit to your resolutions. What better way to start the new year than in perfect health? NIRA can help ease the burden of medical bills by breaking up into small manageable EMIs. 



Plan for Marriage

We all know someone who is planning for marriage this January-December. If you are one of them and need financial assistance, then look no further. NIRA’s quick and easy personal loans are a perfect supplement to the expensive affair that Indian weddings are. You can use NIRA loan to surprise your partner with a special gift or plan for a honeymoon.



Travel to Your Dream Destination

A holiday is a perfect way to rejuvenate your body and mind. It will help you gain a fresh perspective to achieve your goals for the coming year. With NIRA, planning a holiday is no longer an expensive endeavor. Have a tension-free holiday and make the best of it with instant personal loans from NIRA.



If there are other ways that you think NIRA can assist you with, feel free to let us know! You can always head to the Playstore and install our app to know more about the services we offer. NIRA wishes you and your family freedom in your financial life and a new year filled with joy.




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