Add A Personal Twist To Your Diwali Decor With These Gorgeous DIY Ideas!

By shalinighosh | Oct 25, 2018

Getting into Diwali spirit doesn’t mean you have to blow through your savings buying decorations. Why not take the DIY route this year?

We’ve rounded up a list of our favourite Diwali do-it-yourselfs that are not only great for adding a unique personalized touch to household festivities but are also super easy to recreate. With just a few store-bought supplies and a helping hand from your loved ones, you can set the festive tone in just a matter of hours!

1. These Gorgeous Paper Marigolds

Sure, flowers play a huge role in any form of Indian celebration, be it weddings or a puja ritual. But off late, people have been leaning towards something quirkier and more eco-friendly - paper floral decor! Try giving these marigolds made of crepe paper a shot. They look fabulously realistic and are so much more sustainable! All you need is some yellow and orange crepe paper streamers, needle and thread and a good amount of patience!

View the tutorial here

2. These Colourful Crepe Paper Garlands

Another great way to make use of colourful crepe paper streamers! These paper garlands are a fantastic way to add some variety to your overall Diwali decor and come in especially handy if you’re looking to jazz up your doorways. So hop over to your local stationer’s, pick out the colours you want. Then gather your supplies and all the help you need (summon the kids; they’ll love this project, we promise!).

Next, open up this video tutorial and get started! 

3. These Hand-Painted Earthen Diyas

Is it really Diwali if you don’t have any pretty diyas to light up your home? Certainly not!

Over the years, we find plenty of vendors giving the humble earthen diya a colourful twist by spraying them with paint or dousing them with glitter. The only downside to this? They’re terribly expensive, especially if you’re looking to buy dozens of these for your front porch. Why not buy ordinary diyas and hand paint them yourself? Alternately, you could also get your hands on some matka or pot saucers and turn them into diyas; it works out to be even cheaper!

Take a look at this example for some DIY diya inspiration.

4. These Gorgeous Geometric Hanging Paper Lanterns

With Diwali being the Festival of Lights, one can never have too many...well...lights! If you’re someone who loves a touch of diversity, give these paper lanterns a shot. With the help of some cardstock and vellum paper, you’ll soon have some pretty lanterns that are fantastic for giving out that deliciously warm, festive glow that we all love! It could take a little time to get your measurements down, but if you’re hard pressed for time, just use a printable template!

Here's a tutorial that's easy to follow! 

5. These Beautiful Recyclable Rangolis

Traditionally, Indians like to welcome their guests with rangoli – a spread of colorful patterns on the floor. Realistically, however, not everyone can make a spectacular rangoli. For starters, it requires a steady hand and even then, it takes an incredible amount of time and patience to plan out your pattern, draw out the borders and then fill in the colours. Not to mention the stress of making sure no one accidentally walks over it!

This year, make things a little simpler by making your own recyclable and portable rangoli design. All you need is some cardboard or a wooden board and a colourful mix of rhinestones, beads, laces, pearls and mirrors. Decorate the board as you please and maybe even place some lighted diyas around to amp up the charm.

Watch this YouTube video for some ideas. 

Diwali can be expensive enough with all those presents to give and rituals to carry out. Our advise? Cut your costs where you can, especially when you have great DIY alternatives that will, in fact, make your decor look so much more personalized and unique! An added bonus? It’s a fun way to engage all the members of the household and get them equally involved in the festivities and the spirit of celebration!

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Here’s wishing you a happy and safe Diwali, readers!



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